Dog Days of Summer: Storie’s Story

It’s not every day that you meet a dog that has been featured on television! But for the energetic black lab, Storie, and her owners, J.D. and Ronalee, being on The Late Show has been just one of the many highlights of the competitive Dock Jumping experience.

At eleven months old, Storie started her first competition and jumped seven feet, which wasn’t a terrible jump for the first-timer. By the second competition, however, Storie really improved, jumping a whopping seventeen feet!  Looking back on Storie’s first couple Dock Jumping competitions, J.D. said that if someone had told him three years ago that his dog would somehow end up on the David Letterman’s show, he would have never believed them. Watch the video below and prepare yourself for some awe-inspiring dock jumping (Storie’s jump starts at minute 3:19).


Storie is the three time national champion with Ultimate Air Dogs, and that title doesn’t come without its fair share of traveling and competitions. J.D. and Ronalee attend approximately 20-25 dock jumping competitions a year. The Ohio natives traveled 15,ooo miles in total for competitions just last year that spanned from Northern Michigan, to Florida, to New York City, and everywhere in between.  Fortunately for this dock jumping family, Storie is a great dog to travel with. Ronalee’s background experience with obedience training is quite helpful in their case, but J.D. says that the most important part of traveling with a dog is to always think of your dogs needs first.

Judging by the sheer amount of time and effort J.D. and Ronalee put into traveling for dock jumping, it is easy to tell that they are very passionate about Storie and her competitions. J.D. says that people who participate in any sort of competitions with their dogs tend to be proud of them just like you would be proud of your kids’ accomplishments. As another way to show off their pride, the dock diving trio just recently got their Flagology flags featuring Storie in action and they plan on displaying the flags at the many competitions they attend! How cool is that? To add a little more awesomeness to this equation, you can click the link here to see a news story featuring Storie at a recent competition. Look closely and you will even see the flag made in her honor displayed on J.D. and Ronalee’s tent!

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