Fly Your Heart on a Flag: Home is Where the Heart Is

Home looks differently for each of us, doesn’t it?
Some are big and modern. Some are small and filled with knick knacks.
Some are out in the country with acres of green grass surrounding them.
Others are on the 15th floor with a view of the city.

All look different. But I think there are some things that are common of all homes. A home is always a blessing! Home is constantly changing with new memories each day. Home is somewhere you know you can always go! One other thing that is true of a home- it’s so exciting when it’s new! The anticipation of closing on a new home …

We have a Flagology friend, Janet who is also a Realtor- a great one at that! She made an observation that inspired me! She decided our Monogram House and Garden Flags are the perfect closing gift for her clients each time someone buys a new home. This is actually what lead to us creating the new address flags we told you about.  She said it was a great way to personalize their exciting beginning.

So…. we got to work making examples to share this idea with you!

Whether you are a realtor, or your best friend is moving, a flag to Welcom them is a perfect gift!

Is it a home for newly weds?



Are they animal lovers?



Are they expanding to make room for a new bundle of joy?



I love these options for a Veteran!




Maybe they are just fun people – I mean, who doesn’t love polka dots and trendy patterns?




Did I say I love the idea and felt the inspiration?? I wasn’t kidding! 🙂

We are always talking about how we want to spark your creativity and inspire our friends – so this one is to you, Janet – thank you for sharing this fabulous idea – we love it, and we love you!

Do you have a fun idea for how to use our garden or house flags?  Please share. We can’t wait to hear it!


Susan, Chief Flagologist


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