The Story of How it All Began

I woke up with a dream one morning. 


WhoRescued v4I’ve sold flags for the last 18 years, one way or another.  I love flags.  They are personal and beautiful – and they tell everyone about something that we love.  Like a garden, they are a small part of our personality that we hang proudly for the world to see.  We might say “in this house, we love basketball” or “my grandkids think I am awesome” or even “my dog makes my heart feel complete!”

But then I adopted a mutt.  Her name is Bella and she makes me happy.  She is not a fancy dog – she looks kind of like a cross between a Chihuahua and a dachshund and a terrier and who knows what else.  I was not a “small dog kind of person” before Bella, but now she sleeps, curled up next to me & my big sweet Labrador – but little Bella is Queen of the house.  It’s a long way from her roots – she was found in a trash can at a few days old, with her two sisters and mama.  I’m grateful to our local rescue group for saving her for me.

Anyway, there isn’t a Bella flag out there. I couldn’t find anything that matches her unique personality.  So I made one!  Isn’t she cute?  After making this flag – and another of my daughter cheerleading – I realized that I love love love making photo flags.  I literally woke up one morning and had a dream to make photo flags available for everyone.    And after asking tons of friends, who all said “yes, I want one of my son, garden, beach trip, dog, grandbaby…,” I realized that we might have a really cool idea.

So Flagology was born!  It’s been seven months now of working on this – and I’m pretty sure we are going to “go live” with a test this week.  I didn’t realize that my dream would make me learn so much so fast – or that my biggest worry would be how to “integrate our accounting system with the website (ugh),”  but despite all the hurdles – a lot of which I fell over instead– I think this is going to happen.

The best part of the last seven months has been the notes from people that we made test flags for.  A grandfather who received a flag of his grandson in Afghanistan.  A new baby whose flag flew in the garden on Memorial Day.  People who cried when they saw their flag.  People who started laughing and could not stop.  It has been so much fun. So, this site is for you.  It’s for whoever or whatever you love.  “Put your heart on your flag” – that’s what I hope you will do.

And I hope you will have fun & be proud of what you create.  Because sharing what is dear to us with others – well, I think that’s pretty much what life is all about.   So to all of you who helped make this dream into a company – especially Lorrie, Amber, Amber (yes, that’s not a typo, we have 2 Ambers!), Natalie, Robin, Lindsey, Cindy and Betsy – thank you.  And to all my friends who have listened to me obsess for months now – we are going to launch! Order a custom flag!

Sending love to all ya’ll out there!  Put your heart on a flag and help us make this dream a reality.  And tell me what you love about it – and what you want us to improve.  We know we have a lot of work still to do.  


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