Videos of Adorable Animals

Happy Friday!

If you have a thing for watching videos of adorable baby animals (like we do here at the Flagology office), here’s a little pick-me-up that will be the perfect addition to your Friday!

See if you can get through this first video without cracking a smile! Watch as some pretty cute baby sloths maneuver their way  around a jungle gym.


If all that climbing makes you a little tired just from watching, here’s an equally adorable video of a sleepy baby sloth. Just be warned that this is a little bit of cuteness overload!



What’s the best way to show off the awesome animals in your life? A custom photo garden or house flag, of course! Click here for flag ideas fit for the best of furry friends.

Do you have a special pet story? With every pet flag we make for our customers, there is a beautiful story to go along with it and we would absolutely love to hear yours! Post your story to our blog, comment on our Facebook or email us at [email protected] and we might feature your furry friend tale in our next post!

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