Dogs in the Workplace

As you all probably know by now, our workplace went to the dogs a long time ago! Emme and Bella are regulars in our office and we couldn’t imagine working without them. Well, we came across an article this week titled “Why your company should allow pets in the office” and it really got us thinking about the specific reasons why we love having Emme and Bella in the office. We loved the author’s reasons as to why working with pets can increase teamwork and morale in a company so much that we decided to make a list of our own.


What working with dogs has taught us:

1. Take breaks.

Sometimes we get so caught up in a new idea or project that we lose track of what time it is, if we have eaten yet, and so on. But don’t worry, Bella and Emme are always there to remind us that it’s time for them to go outside!

2. Greet everyone with kindness.

Emme and Bella definitely give everyone that visits the Flagology office a warm welcome. Seeing how friendly a dog is, regardless of whether a person is a stranger or a longtime friend, really serves as motivation to be that much nicer to everyone we meet.

3. Think about the present.

If there’s one thing that we know to be true, it’s that dogs are persistent and are totally focused on what’s happening in the present. Whether that be begging for food or staring at a bunny out the window, to them it’s the most important thing going on at that point in time. We think that’s an important lesson, because when there are so many projects and other things going on, focusing on the task at hand needs to be the most important thing.

4. Team work makes the dream work!

Emme and Bella do pretty much everything together. They often run around the office pulling on the same toy and just make the office a fun place to be. They really are our mascots and unify our entire team!


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