Celebrating the Holidays at Flagology

Spreading Holiday Cheer

At Flagology.com we love everything that the Holiday Season embodies. From spending time with loved ones, to giving gifts and giving back, the sheer joy that this season possesses is an important aspect of our company and what we try so hard to represent. This year, we carried on our tradition of spreading a little magic to some special children and added what might just be a wonderful new tradition, a themed holiday movie party.

This year our team drew the names of thirty angel tree kids from YMCA and a local church. If you are not familiar with the angel tree concept, each child’s name, age, and what the gifts he or she wants is written on a piece of paper resembling an ornament. For many of these children, the angel tree gifts are the only presents that they will receive this holiday season.

In order to spread some holiday cheer to these special kids, our Flagology Family came up with a plan. We met early one morning at our local Walmart with our angel tree cards in tow. Each member of our team took responsibility over a couple of the children and we split up to find the perfect gifts. To be honest, we felt like Santa’s helpers, little elves prancing around the store to find presents for everyone on our list. And yes, we checked the list twice (maybe more) because we were that dead-set on finding exactly what these children asked for.

That’s when things got interesting. As you all probably have heard by now the movie Frozen is kind of a big deal. Well, two of the little girls asked specifically for Frozen dolls. Unfortunately, the store we were at only had the Anna dolls available, but we could not rest until we knew the girls would have a complete set of the main character dolls to play with.  After talking to the store employees, and doing some quick online research on our phones, we found out we had to go to another store to get the dolls we needed. Our second trip had a happy ending because we found the Elsa and Kristoff dolls that would make for the perfect surprise. Thankfully, the other toys we bought were easier to find and we hope that the kids who receive them get as much joy out of playing with them as we did with picking them out!

Our Frozen trip must have had a lasting impact on our office, because Amber, one of our Frozen obsessed Flagologists, created a Frozen inspired office party that would be hard to top! She stayed late the night before the party in order to decorate our conference room with everything from garland and snowflakes, to character cutouts and an Olaf balloon. During the party we, of course, took the time to watch (and sing along to) the movie Frozen, and even converted one of our Flagologists, Lindsey, from a Frozen hater to a lover.

So that’s how we celebrated the holidays at Flagology. It was a fitting celebration because we are all about embracing the things we are passionate about (giving back and now the movie Frozen).  It was a great way to close out the year, and we are so excited about everything that we have planned when we come back for the new year! So to all of our customers and friends of Flagology, we wish you a happy holiday season full of friends, family, and joy!

Check out some pictures from our angel tree shopping and Frozen party:


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