selfieOk, so to be honest, a “#” sign stands for the word “pound.” When you called your bank for the amazing and unique “phone banking system” 10 years ago, the recording said “press pound key for more information” and I would happily press the # sign.  It’s what you use to signal the end of a password – press # (pound).

Then along came social media, namely Twitter.  Which I do not understand – hey, give me a break, I’m 45 and I’m working on a handstand.   Twitter has renamed the pound sign into a “hashtag.”  This has changed the world.  My daughter thinks in hashtags.  I think they may be the result of an alien invasion that has taken infected her brain.  Lindsey has the same disease.

tbtI am the source of great amusement, as I cannot seem to remember the word “hashtag.”  Anytime I try to talk the language, I say “pound awesome!” – and the two of them roll on the floor laughing.  “It’s not pound mom, it’s HASHTAG!”  This makes me smile to think about it.  I’m happy to be the uncool mom because it makes memories for all of us.

In honor of Meg and Lindsey, we are introducing the #flagology series of frames.  So far, we have #tbt (I’m not telling you what that means! Ha. If you don’t know, go look at our facebook page) and #selfie.  What else would you like to see?  Or are you as clueless as me? (yep, that rhymes, I’m a poet too!)

#loveyouall! #lindseyisagoof  #ilovemygirl #pound!!



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