Creative Mothers Day Ideas: Make a Flag featuring Kids’ Artwork

If you’re looking for creative and meaningful gifts to give to mom just in time for Mother’s Day, you’ve found the right place! To give you an idea of just how creative you can get with your flag designing at, we are featuring one of the many ways to create a personalized flag: adding kids’ artwork to a garden or house flag.

There’s something magical about a child’s artwork. Within every picture, there’s a depth of whimsy and beauty: a way to look at the world through the eyes of a child, if only for a moment. The surreal beauty of a child’s artwork speaks volumes, especially to his or her closest family members. As a result, having a child create a special holiday greeting, a picture showcasing some of mom’s favorite things, or even a portrait of the family dog makes for a wonderfully heartwarming gift!

When your child has created his or her masterpiece, it’s easy to turn it into a flag that will bring joy to everyone who sees it! Simply scan the picture to your computer and then upload the picture as a Photo Only Flag¬†where you can add a colorful background and text to really make it stand out! Use the following easy steps to start designing:

Step One: Upload your child’s drawing to the flag designer.

Step Two: Change the background color of your flag to suit the artwork! Pick from one of the colors on the flag designer tool.

Step Three: Add text to your creation by selecting the text box on the left hand side of the flag designer. You have the ability to change the color, font and size of the text in the designer!

No matter how you choose to design a house or garden flag featuring a child’s artwork, you can be sure that moms and grandmothers alike will be absolutely delighted to have such a personalized and heartfelt Mothers Day gift! To get started on an artwork flag, start¬†here.

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