Thanksgiving Recipes with a bit of Humor: Pumpkin Pie & Crandberry Relish

Never a dull moment at and that’s because whether at work or home, our flagologists are always laughing and making others laughs. Enjoy a “secret” recipe from Amber and Nicole’s family food “tragedy.”

Pumpkin Pie

Submitted by: Amber, Flagologist

“My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is for my famous pumpkin pie. I make it every Thanksgiving and get rave reviews. I normally don�t let anyone know my top secret recipe, but have decided to let my Flagology friends and family in on the secret.” – Amber

Mrs. Smith�s Pumpkin Pie


Baking Instructions:

  1. Place oven rack in center position. Preheat oven to 350�F.
  2. Remove frozen pie from box and center on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.� Do not remove pie from original pan.
  3. Bake pie at 350�F for 65-75 minutes in oven.� Edges will be golden brown and center will be soft and slightly jiggly.� Filling will set during cooling.
  4. Remove baked pie carefully from oven on cookie sheet with oven mitts.� Never handle by edge of pie pan.
  5. Allow pie to cool for at least 2 hours before cutting and serving.� Pies are best when freshly baked.� Store covered in refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Please Note:

  • Baking pie on cookie sheet helps crust to bake more evenly.
  • Because ovens vary, adjust time and temperature as necessary.

Cooking is not my forte so I have to call on Mrs. Smith for help to make the perfect dessert. My husband is the chef in the family so I�m actually really lucky. I sit back, relax and pop my pie in once all the other food is done! – Amber



Cranberry Relish

Submitted by: Nicole, Flagologist

“In my family, no Thanksgiving meal is complete without my Grandma�s cranberry relish. The one year that we were not able to eat our favorite dish was quite the tragedy. It was mistakenly left on the roof of our car and fell off on our drive to visit family. While watching Grandma�s cranberry relish fall off the car was quite a traumatizing event as a child, looking back on that memory just adds another depth of flavor to a simple, yet wonderful family recipe.” – Nicole


Grandma Ruthie�s Cranberry Relish


  • 1 bag of cranberries
  • 1 whole unpeeled orange, quartered
  • 1 granny smith apple, cored with or without skin
  • � to 1 cup of sugar to taste



  1. Rinse all fruit
  2. Grind all ingredients in a food processor (separate into two batches if the ingredients are too much for your processor)
  3. Transfer ingredients to pan and cook over low heat until the mixture starts to boil

And that�s it! The dish can be served either warm or cold and makes a great side dish for any festive occasion.


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