Artist in the Spotlight: Tara Reed

At Flagology we are thankful for so many things. One of those things is having the ability to work with amazingly talented and innovative artists! If you see a design that you love on our website, it’s probably the brainchild of one of these creative geniuses! Because artwork is influenced by the world of the artists who create it, we want to introduce you to a few artists. That way you can see the passion that goes into every Flagology frame design! We are kicking off our first Artist in the Spotlight blog with the multi-talented artist, Tara Reed.

Tara started her career after graduating from college in the field of marketing. Art and creativity were purely hobbies until she became a stay at home mom. Her creative side flourished when she started planning birthday parties for her son and found a passion for scrapbooking.

After designing for the scrapbooking industry she was drawn into the art licensing world, and started creating art for a variety of products. Tara told us she feels lucky and thrilled to be able to make a living with her creativity and educational background in sales and marketing. She loves the flexibility she has with her time and full control over the direction of her work and business. Because she was able to pursue her passions and dreams and create a business out of it she loves to teach and help others figure out how to turn their dreams into reality.

Tara describes herself as an avid learner. She loves to learn about using technology and social media to connect with others. She enjoys pushing herself out of her comfort zone – whether that’s an art technique or more introspective personal development work. She is inspired by fun, people and joy as well as the stories and journeys of others-from everyday heroes to people who have overcome amazing odds. She believes that her fascination with people and trying to understand what makes people tick is what helps her create art that people can feel a connection to. When creating art, she hopes that it will bring joy to others, and make them laugh, smile, feel connected and understood.

Tara also takes pride in helping people in her community and making a difference on a local and personal level. She tries to look for opportunities to help people she meets and knows, whether it be donating art supplies to a school or auction or helping people who have hit upon tough times.  In her one-on-one approach to things, she also spends time at a memory care facility and helps with residents and activities, a cause that she feels connected to because of her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

We think Tara is a pretty fabulous artist and an even more fabulous person! Shop Tara’s top two flag designs to the right, and find more fun designs by looking for the ©Tara Reed next to the name of a frame design at! To learn more about all of Tara Reed’s projects and passions, visit her website

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