Brutus the Rottweiler Gets a Second Chance

Photo Credit: Better Paws For Brutus Facebook

Photo Credit: Better Paws For Brutus Facebook

Brutus, an inspirational rottweiler whose story is sweeping the nation, became the second dog to ever receive four prosthetic limbs. As a puppy, Brutus suffered frostbite on his paws after being left outside by his breeder. According to Colorado State University,”The breeder tried to salvage the puppy’s paws with an at-home amputation, but Brutus was maimed and couldn’t walk without pain.”

After exceeding the GoFundMe goal of $11,900 to get two year old Brutus the proper medical treatment he always deserved, and he is now learning to walk! Brutus will continue to need physical therapy, but as you can see in the video below, he’s just excited to be able to move freely.

You can check the Facebook page dedicated to the successes of this amazing dog, Better Paws for Brutus, for updates on his progress. The page’s mission is to “inspire others to give disABLED animals a chance,” which we honestly couldn’t love more!

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