Dog Days of Summer: Tilly’s Story

“Tilly the Tripod” is the nickname of Tilly, a resilient terrier mix whose spirit speaks volumes. Susan, Tilly’s owner, has had her since 2013. At that time, 9 year old Tilly was living at a local vet’s office because the elderly couple that previously owned her was unable to care for her. After a total of six weeks living at the vet’s office and multiple attempts made by members of the community to try to find her a loving home, Susan adopted Tilly.

Tilly is unique in that she only has three legs; her left hind leg was amputated as a result of being hit by a delivery truck. She doesn’t let that hinder her from running just as fast as four-legged dogs, and definitely loves the extra attention that her unique looks and spirit bring!

Susan describes Tilly’s character as one of a true diva in that she is quite opinionated, sweet and cuddly when she wants to be, and revels in being the center of attention! When asked what fictional character Tilly’s personality would most be like, Susan had trouble choosing just one. She said that Tilly is opinionated, flamboyant, and assertive much like Matilda or Pippi Longstocking while also being as feisty as Hermione Granger. Tilly paperwork

Susan travels frequently, and brings Tilly with her whenever she visits a dog-friendly area. Tilly especially loves venturing to the beach, and Susan compares Tilly’s actions at the beach to the Queen of England in a royal progress. Tilly will move from person to person at the beach, seeking as much attention as she can get! It’s almost instinctual for Tilly to think that every person on the beach wants to become her friend.

Not many people will comment on Tilly’s missing leg.  Instead, they focus mostly on Tilly’s character and charm. Susan recalled that one woman she encountered at the the beach wanted to take a picture of Tilly. The woman explained that she works with people who have disabilities, and enjoys taking opportunities to share inspiring stories of pets and people alike that she encounters with those she works with. Susan loved this concept, and believes that Tilly is a great example of being able to overcome obstacles, and not letting her amputation affect her spirit.

Susan has ordered two flags from Flagology, one for the winter and another that she got to fly for every other season! Both flags feature an adorable picture of Tilly and say “Chez Tilly” (French for “Tilly’s house”) which is a fitting tribute to this spirited diva of a dog!


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