Dog Days of Summer: Enter to Win

Share your summer adventures for a Chance to Win a Free Personalized Pet Photo Flag!

Last week, you got a chance to meet some of the human faces behind Flagology.  But we all know who really runs the show around here…  It’s Emme (the picture perfect black lab) and Bella (the strange little cat-dog hybrid), the official dogs of Flagology.  Emme and Bella spend almost every day with us in the office. Their primary job around here: door greeter. When the front door chimes our visitors are each greeted with equal amounts of wags, licks and the sound of jingling dog collars.custom dog photo flags

More importantly, they are also in charge with keeping us balanced. We love what we do so much that they have to remind us some times to just take a break and get some fresh air. Usually it’s Bella, she’s more noisy than Emme. (She actually speaks for both of them.) With paws up in the air and a soft little whimper that usually causes her to sneeze she is not shy about saying “hey, human, let’s go outside… I’ve got bushes to sniff and Emme needs to potty.”

They are such special dogs, and very well loved. Emme is like your trusting friend: she’s the one you know will be there when you need a shoulder, the one who is freakishly in tune with your emotions, and she accepts willingly all the love you want to give.

personalized custom pet photo flagAs much as she loves her humans, her one true love in life is simple: sticks. Throw this dog a stick and you’ll be stuck outside for hours.

Bella is quite different and is always looking for attention. We love how she hops from lap to lap during meetings hoping to get love from every team member, how she tries to steal Emme’s treats, and will occasionally bark at the outside world as if to remind us all of her presence.

house flag custom pet photo

And while every season is dog season, summer is a special time for outdoor frolics and fun in the sun. So for the month of July, we’ll be following Emme and Bella on their summer adventures, and featuring the canine capers of many other characters, including your very own dogs!





To have your dog’s summer adventure included in this series:  Tag your dog’s photos on Facebook and Instagram with #dogdaysofsummer and #flagology for a chance to be featured! Two lucky dogs will receive a free custom photo garden flag.

*Please note, this contest is no longer active.* Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

And since we love each and every one of you, you all receive a gift: 20% off sitewide with the code DOGDAYS20 through July 31st!  (You can head over to right now and start creating your own custom pet photo flag!)

*Please note, this coupon code has expired and is no longer valid.* Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

yard garden house personalized flag

Looking for tips on photographing your pooch?  We’ve launched a Pinterest page chock full of helpful pet photo tips just for you, whether you’re using your smartphone or are a seasoned DSLR user.  Check it out here.

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