Cats vs. Dogs

The Never Ending Battle

First, to clarify the title, we love cats and dogs pretty much equally. Both cats and dogs have unique personalities and quirky mannerisms that keep us both in love and entertained with our own pets and others’. Now some people get along better with cats, and some people are just dog people, and we are not going to argue which side is “better” because owning a pet is all about how you and your pet get along. But there is definitely something to be said about how different the personalities of cats are in comparison to the personalities of dogs. It just so happens that when these two distinctly different personalities collide, a little chaos can ensue! So for those of you who own or have witnessed dogs and cats under the same roof, you will definitely relate to this blog post.

Meet Koda (the Husky) and Oli (the cat) who are pictured above. We wish there were some videos to show of these two rascals in action, but unfortunately they are a little too quick to be caught on camera.  It is honestly like a never ending playful battle between these two. Straight out of an episode of “Tom and Jerry,”  Koda chases Oli, and Oli chases Koda around and around, outside and inside, day and night. And as you can see in the picture above, although Oli is much smaller than Koda, he isn’t afraid to steal Koda’s dog bed! There is no way to fully explain the relationship between a dog and cat that live under the same roof, but we think it’s best summed up with the word “crazy” because when dogs and cats combine they definitely know how to get into trouble!

Since there are no videos of Koda and Oli to share, here’s an adorable video that we think perfectly sums up the struggle between cats and dogs. Be warned though, this video is a little bit of cuteness overload!

Cats vs Dogs Husky


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