National Dress Your Pet Day

Better Late than Nevernew-house-flag- zeus

If you didn’t hear about it, Wednesday, January 14th was National Dress Your Pet Day. We apologize if you were not aware that this important day had already taken place, but if you really want to celebrate, it’s never too late!

Let’s face it, every animal has a personality that is just as quirky and multifaceted as most human personalities. Clothes and accessories are a wonderful way to express ourselves as individuals, but what about our special fur babies? Whether it’s a distinguished sweater,�a tiara, or a bow tie, every pet deserves to have their unique personality showcased one day of the year! Pictured above, Zeus the Chihuahua, one of the many pets in our Flagology family, wears his sweater on cold winter days and we were sure to put it on him in celebration of National Dress Your Pet Day! We want to note that dressing your pets can be a great bonding experience, but it is important to make sure that pets are comfortable and able to move around normally in whatever outfit they wear.

In case you didn’t even know there was such a thing as National Dress Your Pet Day, we have found a few wonderful pet outfit ideas from around the web to gear you up for next year (or for a day when you just want to make your pet even more of a center of attention)! View some adorable baby alpacas wearing some pretty unique sweaters here. Animals of all shapes and sizes don some pretty cute outfits in this album! And here are some pretty incredible pet costumes (you might want to take notes for Halloween as well)!

Pet-Custom-Photo-FlagShare your Flagtastic Pets

What’s the best way to show off your photogenic fur baby year-round? A custom photo garden or house flag, of course! Click here�for flag ideas fit for the best of furry friends.

Do you have a special pet story? With every pet flag we make for our customers, there is a beautiful story to go along with it and we would absolutely love to hear yours! Post your story to our blog,�comment on our Facebook or email us at [email protected] and we might feature your furry friend tale in our next post!

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