Our Favorite Coworkers

This week, our Friday blog post is dedicated to two of the hardest working coworkers we have. Both of these wonderful employees have the most positive attitudes in our office and they provide the most inspiration (and kisses). While these two don’t have their own phone lines yet, whenever someone visits the Flagology office, they are the first to make them feel welcome. The UPS delivery man is probably their favorite visitor, because he always brings a treat. Speaking of treats, the only downfall to our ambitious coworkers work-ethic is food, really; for some reason they always feel the need to hang around anyone who has a snack in the office.

Meet Emme and Bella! They are our two favorite coworkers and the dogs that basically run our growing business. I guess you could say Flagology has gone to the dogs, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our Chief Flagologist’s dogs and couldn’t imagine not sharing the workplace with them, because they bring so much joy to every work day!

Did we mention that these two are probably the most photogenic of anyone in the office? Seriously, we love showing off just how adorable our favorite furry coworkers are! So here are a couple pictures of our hardworking coworkers in action.

Emme High Five

Emme is always willing to lend a helping paw!


Sometimes office chairs just aren’t comfortable enough for Bella, so she gets crafty!



Bella has some big ideas, so she usually has an appointed note taker in meetings.









emme bella sunshine

Emme and Bella work long days. Occasionally they take quick naps to stay at the top of their game.














Custom-Photo-Dog-FlagShare your Flagtastic Pets

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Do you have a special pet story? With every pet flag we make for our customers, there is a beautiful story to go along with it and we would absolutely love to hear yours! Post your story to our blog, comment on our Facebook or email us at [email protected] and we might feature your furry friend tale in our next post!


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