What do you love?

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, so we are going to pose a question to you: what do you love? The word “love,” when you really think about it, is such a widely used term that sometimes its meaning gets lost in the mix of things. In general everyone has said “I love this” at one time or another but hasn’t really meant it. Let’s face it, you really don’t love that new picture frame you just bought or the nail polish you just put on. Now we are not saying that using the word love to describe random objects and ideas is a bad thing (we do it all the time), but we are trying to get to the root of what love is; because the pieces of your life that you really do love you feel an immeasurable connection to. Whether it be your family, pets, a significant other, or your hobby, there is at least one (if not more aspects of your life) that you would feel totally lost without.

Zora Neale Hurston, the author of Their Eyes Were Watching God, expressively stated that, “love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” We could not have thought of a more beautiful way to describe what love truly is. It is that feeling that is so indescribable, yet is so linked to who you are as an individual. What you love and what you’re truly passionate about in life are inextricably linked to your soul, and as Zora so vividly describes, it fulfills you and gives you purpose.

So as we gear up for this day of love, let’s think about the people, animals, and hobbies, etc. that we really love and consciously show them just how great of an impact they have had on our lives. Better yet, let’s show this love year-round, because it is truly a timeless feeling.

Show the world what you love

What’s the perfect way to show others how much you care? Design a beautiful custom garden or house flag and let your love fly freely! Just so you know, the last day to order a custom flag for Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, February 4th!  Check out our Valentine’s Day flag designs here!

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