A Legacy of Public Service – Our March Flagology HERO!

never-forgotten-rhyneJust 31 days ago, we asked for stories about your Fallen HEROES – those who inspired others both during their living years and beyond. And – wow – did we get some stories. As each story was submitted and our team read each and every one, we quickly understood that not only are your HEROES courageous and brave – but so are YOU! Thank you for sharing your stories and keeping the memories alive of those who have literally changed our world.

We received stories about police officers who have fallen in the line of duty, military veterans who endured unspeakable treatment to protect our nation, and of those whose courageous battle with cancer left behind a legacy of everyday bravery. One thing that stood out from each and every Fallen Hero story we recieved was the passion and love for one’s fellow man that each HERO had. We are grateful for them and for the sacrifice(s) they made.

March Flagology HERO Award

Our March Fallen HERO award will go to Wanda and Rick Rhyne. Rick’s story represents what it means to leave behind a legacy from living a life of purpose and meaning.  During his 37 years in law enforcement, he made an impact on so many lives, yet saw his contribution as “just the right thing to do.” Rick and Wanda – you have inspired us and we are honored to be able to help keep Rick’s memories alive! Please read Rick’s story below.

Wanda Rhyne writes:

My Husband Rick was a 37 year veteran of Law Enforcement in our County. He had retired in 2006 after 26 years as Chief of Police at Foxfire Village NC. And was not ready to completely retire. He joined the Moore County Sheriff’s Office and worked on the Civil Team. I will say he enjoyed those four years as much as any. He hated being behind a desk. His joy was being out with the people and helping people who needed second chances. And helping young people turn their lifes around.

On Dec. 8, 2011, he answered a no trespass call. Turned out the guy had a warrant for Nonpayment of Child support. He went to arrest him and had an altercation with him. The guy pulled a gun and shot Rick then himself. Rick did not make it to the hospital.

The Sheriff started getting calls almost immediately from people Rick had arrested telling him how great an officer he was and how he had helped them and they had turned their lives around because of it. It has been two years and I continue to hear stories like this. He was my hero but he made such a difference in so many lives. Our new Public Safety Center was named for him this year. And many good things continue to be done in his name. I am very proud to have taken the journey I did with him and very humbled at times to meet people on the street that come up and tell me the connection to him. And the thing was he was only doing it because it was the right thing to do. Not for any gratification. He would tell you he had done nothing to have a building named for him.

We will be donating a year’s worth of free custom flags – in Rick’s honor – to the Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills. For ALL the HEROES nominated this month, we will donate one (1) complimentary custom flag to a charity in their honor. Thank you again for sharing your love with us!

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