Brad Fox – Honoring a Hero

Garden-Flag-1We want to take the time to share the story of a special hero, Brad Fox. Brad was a decorated marine veteran and served as a police officer for the Plymouth Township Police Department for five years. The many phone calls and emails that began with “I need to order a Brad Fox flag” made us want to know more about who exactly Brad was and the legacy he left behind. We are grateful for his wife, Lynsay, for allowing us to share his story.

Brad was killed in the line of duty on September 13th, 2012. A proud father to a 5 month old daughter, his wife of four years, Lynsay, was, at the time, pregnant with their second child. Today, she is rebuilding a life for her children and determined to honor their father’s memory in every way possible. She is supported and loved by family and the community, but her life has changed forever. True to the spirit of community support an annual 5k and ice hockey game have been created in his name. They strive to raise money to send to police and military charities. We encourage you to visit the memorial website set up in his honor to learn more about Lynsay and Brad’s story.

Brad’s beautiful family and friends celebrate his life with courage and have taught us a little more about the dangers and sacrifices that police offers nationwide face as they protect all of us here at home. We are inspired by their courage and wish to send them thoughts of love and faith.

In honor of National Police week and all fallen officers take a moment to thank a police officer in your local community. Their everyday bravery ends in the ultimate sacrifice far too often.


With Love,

The Flagology Team

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