A Gift for Pet Lovers

Show off Your Unique Pet

By now you have probably seen the pictures of the mysteriously adorable Pit Bull Dachshund mix that went viral after a Georgia Humane Society posted a picture to their Facebook Page. If you haven’t heard of Rami, he’s a pretty cute little guy, and we love his story because he was able to bring national attention to the shelter where he is being housed! Currently the shelter is conducting thorough interviews with potential new homes for Rami, because he has become a pretty big star. It looks like this little guy is going to have a happy ending in the near future, and that is news worth sharing and getting excited about!

Rami’s unique looks got us thinking about a problem in the pet product market that Flagology wants to change. If you own a mixed breed dog, you know the struggle. Even if you have a purebred pup, you will still understand the feeling. Picture the last time you walked into a store and  saw signs, key chains, mugs and every other object you can imagine that says “I love my Labrador Retriever” or “I love my German Shepard” with a generic picture of a dog that is somehow supposed to represent your unique furry friend. Seeing those items creates a sinking feeling and a realization that your dog’s personality is just too big to be confined to an object that shows no piece of their true character. Because a dog is so much more than their breed or a stock image; a dog is really a part of the family.

Gift Idea for Pet LoversAt Flagology we believe in embracing the unique pets that we call family instead of settling for a vague representation.  Do you love your Golden Retriever Husky mix? Or maybe your Yorkshire Terrier Poodle Chihuahua mix deserves a flag that’s just as adorable as he is. No matter what pup has a piece of your heart, create a flag that shows off the picture-perfect pet you love! Click here to view some pet flag designs that you and your furry friend will love!


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