In Honor of Fathers: collecting your stories at #mydadmyheart

Father’s Day is just around the corner!  In honor of fathers everywhere, we’re teaming up with our friends @savefamilyphotos to celebrate the stories of the dads and father figures who have shaped our lives.  We’re looking for your stories: what does fatherhood mean to you? Is there a special moment or memory that you hold dear?

mydadmyheart story about dadOur CEO Susan lost her dad a couple of years ago, but he lives on in her vivid stories of him:

I am, and was as a child, so different from my dad, that sometimes it is hard to see what we have in common. But I am very proud of some core things that I inherited from him: a belief that anything is possible. A total confidence that you might just be right, no matter who else is in the room. And a laugh that friends recognize from a distance.
I remember a man who would do anything to help his grandchildren grow into independent adults. Who, in nearly every picture, is turned to look at his granddaughter as if he could not stand to miss a second of her life. Whose strength radiates out from the photographs as if he were in his own movie. With a smile that always made you wonder what he was up to.
When I think of my dad, I always see a companion in my mind’s eye – a kitten tucked in his jacket hood, a pup by his side. I see him riding off on a bike with a milk crate in the back. The New York Sunday times book section and a cup of reheated coffee. He would reheat that cup all day. Six foot six, and as skinny as a rail, that’s my dad with the twinkle in his eye.


Now it’s your turn to share your dad’s story!  We’re super excited to collaborate with Save Family Photos, an online archive devoted to gathering images and stories from people around the world. They collect moving images and words that celebrate the everyday and the extraordinary, and the people that shape our stories.  Their mission is simple: to discover, share and preserve our family histories for future generations, one photo at a time.

custom photo garden flagDo you have a story to share? We will select TWO lucky storytellers to win a custom photo garden flag from Flagology.

Here’s how you could win a free custom photo garden flag:

1. Follow @savefamilyphotos + @flagology on Instagram or Facebook

2. Find old family photos of father figures who’ve impacted you.

3. Share them on Instagram or Facebook from June 15-20 with a story!

4. Use these hashtags: #flagology #savefamilyphotos #mydadmyheart

 Winners will be announced here on Father’s Day, June 21, as well as on the @flagology and @savefamilyphotos Instagram and Facebook feeds. Stay tuned!

*Please note, this contest is no longer active.* Contact us at [email protected] with any questions

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