Honoring Our Heroes: Moving Memorial Day Tributes

Stories of those who served in our armed forces are often humbling, and a holiday like Memorial Day can often put much in perspective. This Memorial Day, the Flagology team was inspired by the story of Robin’s grandfather to invite all of you to share stories of your heroes, and what they mean to you. Today, we have two incredibly moving stories to share with you, that we were privileged to hear over the holiday weekend. A reminder of those who serve and protect us every day, and the sacrifices many have made.

Memorial Day Tribute

Keith N. Merrill
Shared by Dina Gomez (@dinagomez4):

While I love the extra day off on Memorial Day, I always wake up with a sadness in my heart for the families that have lost their loved ones in active service. My Grandpa Keith N. Merrill is just one of so many that was taken too soon. Just 25 years old when he died as a Squadron leader and B-29 pilot…during one of his last missions over Kochi, Japan before heading home to be with his pregnant wife for the birth of their daughter (my mom). He never made it. I see my Grandpa in my own children’s faces and am so thankful for the sacrifices he made so we could win that War. I know his spirit is close, but I sure would’ve loved to feel those big arms hugging me as a girl. Today I will honor him by holding my own babies a little tighter. To Keith, and all the men and women who have served…thank you.

Memorial Day Tribute

Jonam Russell
Shared by Jacob Furst (@fvrstclass)

This is Jonam Russell. Throughout my time in ROTC at ASU for 4 years he was like a big brother to me. One of my fondest memories was when my grades were slacking he offered me to move in with him and he’d help me with my PT and school. He loved coming to Fiji parties and all my fraternity brothers back then loved him. He loved to dance like crazy too. I’m tearing up as I’m writing this thinking of him- Jonam was killed in Afghanistan serving our country. I’ll never forget you brother.


After reading all these stories, we are simply at a loss for words.  So we will just say we honor and respect each of you and your stories.  And appreciate your sharing with us.

Love, the Flagology Team



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