Movie Inspired Dream Homes… For Pets!

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Whether it’s reality based or surreal and imaginative, watching a movie is a way to experience feelings, scenery, and lifestyles that we would have never thought possible. Well, for two super-fans and their pets the YouTube series “Super-Fan Builds,” just made some iconic movie elements possible (in the cutest way imaginable) by custom building two adorable pet dream homes!

UP! Dog House

Steve, who has immersed himself in the adventurous and adorable Disney Pixar movie, Up, creates artwork inspired by the movie and dresses up like one of the most endearing characters, Russell. Two years ago Steve adopted his best friend, named Dug (after one of the cutest cartoon dogs out there) and the two are absolutely inseparable, just like the characters Dug and Steve.  Nominated by his best friend, Esteban, watch what unfolds as the cast of “Super-Fan Builds” designs a dog house worth sweeping anyone off their feet!

Lord of the Rings Cat Scratch and Litter Box

LOTR Cat HouseMisha, an avid Lord of The Rings fan, went to the ends of the earth (no seriously, he traveled to New Zealand) to try to get the Lord of the Rings experience! Well, after being nominated for the show by his girlfriend, Dasha, he now has a piece of the iconic novel and movie series in his own home! His two cats, fittingly named Froto and Sam, now have a cat scratching post and litter box that I think anyone would be a little bit envious of! Watch the video below to see parts of this magical movie come to life!



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