Love Week – Join us in the Fun!

safe_imageHiya friends!  Did you know this is LOVE week! Yep, it’s the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Don’t worry guys, this does not mean more flowers to remember….

It’s actually all about making you happy.  How do you create happiness?  The answer is connection with other people – real connection.  People who see you, support you and love you.  And it does not have to be romantic love (though that’s a bonus ☺).  Researchers found proof that our friends make us happy!

A Harvard study set out to determine what factors in our lives influence our happiness.  Is it beauty, money, success??  Well of course right?  If I lose 5 pounds, I’ll be happy…..  NOPE!  This is so cool – the study showed that there is only one correlation to our happiness – the strength of our social support system. WOW!! And not only do friendships boost happiness, they also make us more engaged people and increase our productivity! This feels like a huge relief to me.

Love Week was created for companies by our friends at MindValley – it’s like a Valentines Secret Santa.  You can do it for your family or friends too – it’s easy, and no money needed. Draw names. Keep it a secret. You are now officially an angel for the human name you drew. All week, do little special things to make their life easier. Call and ask how they are doing. Babysit, give them a quote, write something nice about them on facebook. Every day, pay it forward to your human. And as a bonus, someone will be doing this for you!

As soon as I heard about this, we drew names at Flagology. I can’t tell you who I have. It’s a secret.  But I know I could use a week of someone thinking about me every day.  And I’m happy to return the favor.  (Oh, and to whoever drew Lindsey – she wants another photo flag, which makes me laugh.  Come see me, I know where she can get one…)  Want to join us?

The fun thing about having a blog is that I get to say thanks to people who make me happy.  So to a couple of friends who made my life feel connected this week – thank you.  Sherry and Susan for giving me a huge hug exactly when I needed it.  Jennifer for the gift of a book that makes me feel real.  And Kelley, for just “getting it” and telling me I am funny.

Much love,


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