Honoring Our Heroes: Memorial Day 2015 + Custom Flag Giveaway

custom printed flag giveaway

The lovely smiling man above is George Washington Wood, our co-worker Robin’s grandfather. George served in World War II, and Robin never had a chance to meet him: he died when Robin’s own dad was only 6 years old.

Robin’s love for her grandfather inspired this post. Any time we get a chance to help someone honor a soldier or veteran, it’s extra special to us. Here’s what Robin had to say about George:

“My Granddaddy George as I’ve always called him served as a soldier in WWII and that is the picture that stands out most in my memory of my grandfather.  In this picture he looks very proud to be a soldier, and I’m very proud to be his granddaughter even though he never knew me either.  Looking at this picture makes me realize how blessed and proud I am to be an American…. a gift of freedom given to me by a grandfather’s service and sacrifice to a granddaughter he never met.”

Like many who serve in our armed forces, George’s courage, dedication, and sacrifice might have gone unnoticed outside of his family. Everyday, year after year, hard working men and women just like him are out there protecting our country, putting themselves in harms way to protect our safety and freedom.

In honor of the brave men and women who serve in the US armed forces, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, the team at Flagology wants to hear from you: who are your heroes? Tell us their story! We know there are so many unsung military heroes out there, and we want to hear about them. What were they like? What do you miss about them? What would you like others to know? We can’t wait to hear your stories .

We’d also like to give one special storyteller one of our flags in honor of their hero. Here’s what you need to do to be eligible to win:

  • Post your photo and a few words on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, using the hashtag #shareyourhero, or email a photo and the story to us.
  • Follow us on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Please enter by Monday, May 25th, by 12pm EST.
  • Throughout the weekend we’ll post some of your stories on social media.
  • On Tuesday, Robin will pick her favorite story, and the winner will win a FREE CUSTOM PRINTED FLAG! (update: see the winning entries here)

*Please note, this contest is no longer active.* Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

We’ve just hung Robin’s flag celebrating George outside our offices. Want to put your heart on a flag? In honor of Memorial Day, all orders are 40% off and free shipping with the code 15MEMORIAL

*Please note, this coupon code has expired and is no longer valid.* Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.


custom printed honor flag

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