Artist in the Spotlight: Karen Embry

At Flagology, our team is constantly looking for new ways to make our products fun, unique and customizable. This process wouldn’t be possible without amazing frame designs created by some even more amazing artists!  So this month’s Artist in the Spotlight series (check out our last post here) features Karen Embry.

It was inevitable that Karen would become an artist, with all of the talent and inspiration surrounding her from a very young age. A third generation artist, she has been interested in art and creativity for as long as she can remember. For her, art has always been a journey and a way to grow. Karen’s creative nature has driven her to apply her artistic skills to many different areas including teaching, authoring art books, exhibiting at art shows, painting murals, and designing public art projects. One of her favorite experiences throughout her journey as an artist was working on a children’s art project for the “Take your Child to Work Day” at the Pentagon. Currently, she focuses much of her creativity on designing new art for surface designs on all kinds of gift, stationery, garden and home décor products.

Karen’s favorite saying is “Do what you love, love what you do.” She says it’s easy to be inspired when you work in a profession you love! Her favorite part of getting up in the morning is heading over to her paint brushes and palette. Karen finds inspiration for her work in nature, bohemian patterns, and funky themes. She enjoys using bright colors in her work as well as experimenting with new techniques and mediums. And she says that since Pinterest has come around, the possibilities for her to find new inspiration and get her creative juices going have become truly endless!Photo Dog Garden Flag

Karen is an animal lover and her passion for animals shows in many of her beautiful designs. Woof! – the flag design featured to the right is Karen’s favorite flag that she has created for Flagology. She says that for all of the dog lovers out there, she thinks the cheerful design is the perfect compliment to any yard or garden. We couldn’t agree more! Stay tuned to our blog to for a special edition of Furry Friends Friday to learn more about Karen’s own pets and her close bond to animal rescue organizations.

Karen finished the interview by telling us how much she loves the concept of Flagology: that people are able to create personalized flags with their initials, address and photos. Because she says, “How cool is it to have your own personalized flag hanging outside your home?” Our team thinks that Karen nailed that point on the head! Be sure to check out all of Karen’s whimsical flag designs on by looking for the ©Karen Embry next to the name of a frame design! To learn more about this incredibly talented artist, visit her website, blog, Etsy shop and Facebook page.

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