Road Trip: American Makers

custom photo house flagsBefore we all take a few days off to recharge and celebrate our nation’s independence, we’ll be heading out on the road following the path our custom flags take on their way to you!

You see, the idea for Flagology was born in a small North Carolina town, and every step from design to printing happens right here in our home state.  This week, we’re celebrating the American Makers that help make your vibrant custom flags and doormats a reality.  We’ll head out across the state to visit our production facility. But first, let’s start where your flags do, right here in the Flagology office with two of our order processing team!

customer service custom photo garden house flagMeet Lindsey, who has had a role in literally all parts of Flagology. She’s been with Flagology since the beginning and remembers the “aha moment” of it’s birth and the first custom photo house flag sample that arrived in the office. When you call our toll free number, she’s the friendly voice on the other side of the phone there to help with anything you may need assistance with. Within the office, she’s also got a voice – it’s kinda loud and there’s often laughter coming from her sunny corner. Lindsey’s family has lived in North Carolina for generations, and she is a North Carolina native. (She’s also our resident cat lady, but we love her anyway…)  Lindsey loves getting the chance to get to know you, our customers.  It’s the personal stories that matter to her, the sentiments behind making the flags.  We asked Lindsey to share what she loves about her job and here’s what she had to say: “The best part of the job is the people I work with–we are like a family.  And our customers are part of that family: I love to share their stories with the rest of our team, because isn’t that what a family does? Shares stories and experiences.”

garden house photo flagMeet Sabrina, our order processing and design queen! Sabrina has been with Flagology™ for eight months now. She is the one responsible for making sure your flags make it from your order form to our printing facility. If you’ve placed a Create4Me order, opened one of our emails recently, or checked out our Facebook page, you’ve seen her handiwork. Sabrina has an amazing eye for detail and design and we are constantly impressed with her work. She was born in a coastal North Carolina town, and spent much of her childhood moving–her dad was in the Marine Corps, and they lived all over the US, including Hawaii! The family settled back in North Carolina when he retired from the service. Sabrina has a voice as well: a singing voice. She’s our own personal opera singer and most mornings it’s her singing that welcomes us all to work. In case you haven’t noticed, our office is all about dogs, and Sabrina is no exception:  she has a black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Sophie.  Sabrina loves seeing your one of a kind designs and helping make your flagtastic™ dreams a reality. There are two things Sabrina loves about her job:  “I love having a job where I can grow and express my creativity. And I love our team!  I came here from a very intense, male dominated field.  Our office is on the other end of the spectrum: it feels warm and relaxed, we love talking and connecting with one another.  It’s a place you enjoy coming to every day!”

production facility american makers custom flagsNow that you’ve visited our office, let’s head across the state to our production facility 94 miles up the road from where we are. We’re proud to be working with a printing facility that has re-energized a North Carolina printing town, creating new jobs and building on generations of experience we have right here in our home state. So buckle up, and check back here tomorrow for the next installment in our #americanmakers road trip!

Join us throughout the week, as we go behind the scenes of our production facility to celebrate our American Makers.  Stay tuned for more inside looks at where your beautiful custom flags are printed and the hardworking people who make them. But that’s not all… We’re also celebrating you, our customers! Take 10% off site-wide through July 4th with the code: ROADTRIP10

*Please note, this coupon code has expired and is no longer valid.* Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

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