American Makers: Billy and Aleasia

In celebration of Independence Day, we’re hitting the road to visit our North Carolina production facility.  Every single one of our flags is printed in the USA by a truly outstanding printing crew with decades of experience.  We are proud that our beautiful, durable, and affordable products are produced in the United States, and excited to introduce our American Makers to you. (You can see the previous post in this series here.)

Today, we visit with the two engines of our production floor, Billy and Aleasia:

American makers printed in the USAMeet Billy, our production floor manager. Billy is a North Carolina Native, and a long time veteran of the printing industry: he’s worked in fabric printing for three decades.  In fact, he worked on the team that developed the first printed flags right here in North Carolina 26 years ago. (Prior to that flags were embroidered and were incredibly fragile, especially when exposed to the elements.)

Billy’s worked on all kinds of textile printing including high end fashion fabrics, and even helped develop fabrics for costumes you may have seen on the big screen! Billy makes sure the Flagology process is picture perfect, with long lasting color and hard wearing fabrics.  

American Makers printed in the USAMeet Aleasia!  Aleasia is a newcomer to North Carolina, relocating to our beautiful state from Virginia four years ago.  She is a force behind the scenes in our production facility, and a master of packaging, shipping, and inventory.  We asked her what she loves about her job, and this is what she had to say: “I love the creativity: seeing all the of customers designs, being a part of making them come to life, and knowing how much the recipients will enjoy them.”

We love seeing your flags fly too! please share them with us: tag them with #flagology and #putyourheartonyourflag.

Join us every day this week, as we go behind the scenes of our production facility to celebrate our American Makers.  Stay tuned for more inside looks at where your beautiful custom photo flags are printed and the hardworking people who make them. We’re also celebrating you, our customers! Take 10% off site-wide through July 4th with the code: ROADTRIP10

*Please note, this coupon code has expired and is no longer valid.* Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.


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